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Interactive course guides learners through AAFCO and FDA registration and approval process.

CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (November 3, 2021) The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), the independent organization that provides ingredient definitions, label standards and laboratory guidance for state, federal and international feed regulators, announces an online, three-part self-study course for AAFCO members and nonmembers who are involved with defining animal feed and pet food ingredients.

The course is separated into three progressive modules covering the ingredient definitions process, including how to establish communication with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and the AAFCO investigator; submitting a Food Additive Petition to the FDA or notifying the CVM that the ingredient is Generally Recognized as Safe for your proposed use; and the AAFCO or FDA regulatory definition of safety pertaining to the ingredient’s uses in animal food.

“We are delighted to be able to offer this easy-to-use but comprehensive online program,” said Susan M. Hays, AAFCO executive director. “It lets learners come up to speed quickly on their own, saving management training time while staff gain competence in completing the AAFCO process.” Retention checks throughout the course help learners confirm their understanding of each point being covered.

The course content can also be used for staff development sessions to help managers build team competence in the AAFCO process, especially for complex steps like safety and utility that often result in declined ingredient packages.

This course is recommended for newly hired personnel at ingredient manufacturers, researchers wanting a greater understanding of the regulatory data needed, current staff who need a better understanding of the definition process, and anyone involved with defining animal feed and pet food ingredients.

The cost is $150 for personnel at ingredient manufacturers, research organizations, universities, industry companies, and other AAFCO nonmember or nonregulatory registrants and $99 for AAFCO members (email [email protected] to verify membership and receive a discount code). Registration is now available.

Register Here

AAFCO releases white paper explaining risks with feeding hemp to animals and pets

As an industry organization that has been guiding state, federal and international feed regulators for more than 110 years while supporting the health and safety of people and animals, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) provides an update on its position on the use of hemp and hemp byproducts in animal food. New information and details on an industrywide call to action are outlined at this link.

Pet Food Label Modernization Update

Please visit the Pet Food Committee site under ‘Working Groups’ to review the PFLM draft model regulation documents and webinar information in November, submitting comments, and tentative timeline. Comment period closes October 22, 21.

FDA Withdraws Outdated Compliance Policy Guides on Use of Certain Animal-Derived Materials in Animal

Guidance on Obtaining Defensible Test Portions (GOOD Test Portions) has been published!

GOOD Test Portions, a supplement and companion document to GOODSamples for laboratory sampling processes has been published. GOOD Test Portions provide a scientific and systematic approach to ensure the selection of a representative test portion.

Find GOOD Test Portions at the AAFCO website: It is a free download. Please check it out!

AAFCO Ingredient Definition Process

The AAFCO definition request process starts with sharing a draft definition for your material with the AAFCO investigator listed on our regulatory page. This draft definition should be written in the same manner as other definitions in the AAFCO Official Publication. (available for 2 week trial purchase on our website for $20). The remainder of the request process is described at the beginning of chapter six in the Official Publication.

Video Available – Veterinary Feed Directive – an Overview

Veterinary Feed Directive – an Overview Video

Starting January 1, 2017, medically important antimicrobials in medicated feed became veterinary feed directive (VFD) drugs, and the resulting VFD feed must be authorized by a licensed veterinarian and distributed and used in compliance with the VFD regulation. Also, animal producers are no longer be able to use these VFD feeds for growth promotion or feed efficiency. This video explains these changes and provides an overview of the requirements in the VFD regulation.

More Information on Veterinary Feed Directive

The AAFCO Pet and Specialty Pet Labeling Guide

The AAFCO Pet and Specialty Pet Labeling Guide is available for purchase! This guide was originally developed to help control officials, industry, and other interested parties to better understand and interpret the AAFCO Model Regulations for Pet Food and Specialty Pet Food. This version contains valuable explanations of common labeling issues as well as label examples designed to assist the pet label reviewer or developer to follow the current AAFCO Model Regulations. Click here to order your copy.


For all the latest related to FSMA, refer to FDA’s FSMA page.  Information can be found here related to webinars, fact sheets, etc.

To send FDA an electronic inquiry related to FSMA see FDA’s electronic inquiry page located here.

Follow the FDA information pages often as information and updates are being released on a regular basis.

Media Inquiries

Please contact AAFCO Headquarters at [email protected] or 217-356-4221
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